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My heart is still in Capetown!

I can remember clearly the smell of BBQ chicken every Saturday night, rain or shine at my house growing up! It is my family’s homemade recipe. We worked hard to have the house clean and the yard mowed in the summer as we were getting ready for Sunday. BBQ chicken grilled in our garage fireplace was the perfect meal, so we didn’t mess up the house. My Mom was the best, and made sure we were quiet and ready for Sunday as my dad was preparing his sermon. Here is a picture of my mom and I in 2009 in Fairmount Homes. She was the dearest ever!

A picture of Cavod Academy's Executive Director, Connie Dienner, and her mother

Fun fact…This Wednesday, April 26th, is my mom’s birthday and we are having our Annual Chicken BBQ Fundraiser at Cavod. I use my mom’s secret recipe to make 50 gallons of sauce, to grill 1,700 chicken legs! I must say it is out of this world, and grilled to perfection! Don’t miss out!! Drive-thru is from 11:00-5:30 (or earlier if we sell out). “Follow your nose” to 665 West Main St. to pick up your chicken!
Thank you in advance! It’s the most delicious way to support Cavod! And thank you, Bill and Amy, owners of Grocery Outlet, for sponsoring the whole BBQ. Because of their sponsorship, every meal we sell is fully for profit! This is huge!
Owners of the Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, Bill and Amy, that sponsored the Cavod annual BBQ Chicken Fundraiser
It has been a while since I’ve had cyber coffee with you! LOL! So much has been happening at Cavod, its been hard to keep up! Let me do a quick recap!
March 30th-April 12th, I led a missions team of 14 from Cavod to Capetown, South Africa, to do a camp for one week for underprivileged youth. They could choose 4 workshops from the 12 we offered in Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary Worship, Art, Scrapbooking, and Spoken Word to name a few. We had 150 kids every day from ages 10-18! We fell in LOVE with these precious kids, as they danced their hearts out, and played all day!
Teens from Cavod Academy taking a picture while on a missions trip in Capetown, South Africa. Cavod members taking a picture with locals from Capetown while on a missions trip. Staff and children from Cavod Academy taking a group picture while on a missions trip in Capetown
We ended each day in worship & ministry time. Over 40 kids gave their lives to the Lord, and many were set free from depression, addictions, abandonment, unforgiveness, etc., and rededicated their lives to the Lord! We partnered with a local church that are friends of mine, House of Praise! They are following up with these kids, and their youth group has doubled as these kids are hungry for more! This trip marked us for life. They don’t have anything, and many don’t know where their next meal will come from. Some were gathering leftover half-eaten food to take home to their siblings for dinner. It is heartbreaking! They have no entitlement, as they appreciate everything you do.
Two locals of Capetown, South Africa, posing with bibles they received from Cavod Academy. A boy from Cavod Academy consoling another boy while on a missions trip in Capetown, South Africa. A gathering of Cavod Academy members and locals from Capetown, South Africa. A Cavod Academy staff member taking a picture with a boy from Capetown, South Africa while on a missions trip. Cavod Academy Executive Director Connie Dienner sitting with a young girl.
There were 50 kids there from Children’s Homes, where kids were abandoned, as many of their parents died or didn’t want them. I could go on and on…but instead, we are doing a special service on Sunday at New Life Church that meets at Cavod Theatre this Sunday, April 30th to do worship, and the Cavod Team will share dance & stories from our trip. Everyone is welcome!
We have so much to be thankful for, and so much opportunity! Last weekend, we had all 4 shows SOLD OUT of Lion King Jr.!  Tears came down my face as I watched the kids dance, sing, and act their hearts out as their family and friends came to celebrate them and cheer them on. What a luxury this would be in South Africa! This show was fabulous! So many tears when it was all over, as the kids became family and community for 6 weeks of rehearsals.
Members of Cavod Academy performing Lion King Junior the musical. A section of the ensemble of characters for Cavod Academy's production of Lion King Junior the musical
Construction starts this week in our new space of 6,200 sq. ft in our new location in Manheim! More pictures and details coming soon!
Our 2023 Cavod Fundraising Banquet is next Friday at Cavod Theatre! This is our biggest fundraiser of the year! I am so grateful to all of our sponsors who are making this spectacular experience possible!
We are also gearing up for growth and classes for the school year, starting in August 2023! June 1st registration OPENS! Stay tuned on our website for a list of all of our classes and new staff in 2 locations! We have hired five new fabulous, excellent teachers who love the Lord! This is a miracle!!!
We continue to see lives changed and youth finding their giftings and identity in Christ right here at home! It takes a village and beyond to change the culture of the arts! I am so thankful for all of you for your support, love, and commitment to this ministry! We have just begun. God has so much more…stay tuned and come along for the ride!
I hope to see you at the BBQ! My hubby and I will be starting the grill at 6:00 am Wednesday morning with a cup of coffee, of course!
Have a wonderful, amazing week!
Much love,
Connie Dienner
Executive Director / Founder

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