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Stan Deen Scholarship Fund

One of Cavod’s main values is to create a community where people can feel loved, safe, and accepted. Cavod’s beloved director and friend, Stan Deen, was an instrumental part in bringing that value to life. Stan passed away unexpectedly in July of 2016 while in the process of directing Honk Jr.  Although he is not with us physically, his legacy and desire to see people of all ages grow in the arts lives on.

Stan’s desire was to see everyone excel in the arts – in body, mind, and spirit. Stan was a firm believer that if Cavod’s focus is not on the actors, students, and families of Cavod and helping them through whatever they are facing, then our work is in vain.

In his honor, Cavod has set up a scholarship fund that will benefit students who have a desire to pursue the arts, but do not have the financial means to do so. This year, with your help and support, we are dedicating $30,000 to the Stan Deen Scholarship Fund! 

Please help us to carry on his vision; to provide hope and an opportunity to explore the arts through the Stan Deen Scholarship Fund. All financial gifts are appreciated and are tax-deductible. 


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