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Stan Deen Scholarship Fund

Adopt a Student

Stan Deen had a dream to provide Cavod classes to anyone  passionate about the performing arts regardless of their ethnic  background, age, or  financial situation.

Stan saw the undeniable positive  impact that the Cavod family had  on each student. In the summer of  2016, Cavod began a scholarship  fund in his memory to continue his  legacy. We are honored to offer  an excellent program to families  and students in need providing  community, care, and a foundation  in the performing arts.  

Sponsors may build relationships  with their adopted students or  remain anonymous. There will  be opportunities throughout the  season to meet with your adopted 

students. Most of our scholarship  families are still required to  pay some additional fees for  registration, costumes, and class uniforms.  

Thank you so much for considering  partnering with us by adopting  a student! Your contribution and  dedication to this program will help our wonderful students continue to “create with purpose”.

Making Your Donation Count

Donations towards a scholarship  fund may be paid in full as a one-time  payment or may be paid with 9 monthly installments beginning in October and ending in June. 

Other Ways to Donate

Donations by check may be payable to Cavod Performing Arts.  

To set up an automatic withdrawal please contact

From the Director


I am so passionate about our Stan Deen Scholarship Program! We have many testimonies of the impact our sponsors have made in the lives of children and families who otherwise would not be  given a chance to discover their God-given talents and build healthy  lasting friendships. This has been one of the most beneficial programs we’ve ever had at Cavod!  

Please prayerfully consider sponsoring a student that you connect  with in this brochure. You are a blessing, and so appreciated! 

Executive Director 

With your help, we can make a huge difference in their lives, and see them grow in confidence, character, discipline  and be part of the loving Cavod family.  


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