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Cavod Performing Arts: New Holland, PA

About Cavod Performing Arts

At Cavod, students will learn and refine their performing arts techniques in a safe and disciplined environment from professionally-trained instructors. Classes are designed for a well-rounded and enriching educational experience. The physical and emotional development of each performing arts student is a top priority for Cavod instructors.

Melody Mendoza
13:16 21 Mar 23
I've seen a few theatre productions as well as several dance performances at Cavod and they are always well done, artistic, and moving. I would definitely recommend attending any show they're putting on!
Bobby Bollin
01:31 02 Mar 23
We've been coming for at least 5 years very nice place with a PLAY ROOM for kids not taking classes
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Tyler Rittenour
22:11 01 Nov 22
Jennifer Stoltzfoos
14:15 18 Oct 22
All 6 of my children have attended Cavod for many years. The values Cavod carries is valued by my family. Truly a hidden gem. Their technique in all the classes will not disappoint a growing dancer. Wouldn't choose another studio to call family.
Cathy Erb
15:45 25 Sep 22
Ke Chego
21:15 24 Sep 22
Wonderful place! My kids love their teachers, and we love their commitment to honoring the Lord through artistic excellence.
Emily Etman
20:36 23 Sep 22
Hellysolit Hellinger
22:58 10 Sep 22
Idk. But the place I thought it said COVID at first.....
Cindy Cunningham
16:13 21 Apr 22
Çãll Mêë Prêë
02:09 08 Mar 22
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Jessica Keith
13:26 27 Jul 21
Lillian Ortiz
03:02 29 May 21
Cyrus Wright
19:54 13 Apr 21
Great school! Wonderful staff!
Aaliyah Lapp
18:36 24 Mar 21
Kimberly Myers
22:35 10 Feb 21
Excellence in dance technique & artistry all while watching over the whole person. Highly recommend!!!
Wanessa Melo
14:25 10 Nov 20
The best academy in Lancaster County!!! They care about all students and everyone is welcome! My daughter started dance classes there when she was 4 years old and started theater when she was 8. We only have good memories!
Laura Swartley
21:51 24 Oct 20
Amazing place! Great dance and performing arts studio. Good quality education in the performing arts. The teachers are wonderful and other students are very friendly. They offer classes for both kids and adults. I believe this studio will continue to expand and grow even more in the coming years.
Chris Doughty
12:35 15 Oct 20
Josh was accepted and loved and given amazing instruction in his class and he really came out of his "shell." He gained confidence when he wasn't sure he could perform and by the end of the year, he had no fear of being on stage and performing! I would recommend CAVOD 100%! They are a true blessing to their community!!!
Rae Kay
18:27 01 Oct 20
My grandson, 4, loves it!
Jonathan Schell
17:36 01 Oct 20
Amanda Glick
12:55 01 Oct 20
Willow Glitter
12:49 01 Oct 20
Cavod is an absolutely amazing dance and performing arts organization. They truly care about the children they teach. My daughter has been attending for almost 4 years and it’s amazing to see her grow and blossom.
Family Correll
19:15 08 Feb 20
Larry Van Etten
23:58 21 Sep 19
We saw the Pirates Sunday, 9/21, afternoon performance. The actors/singers and music was very good. Pirates is a fun story of love and forgiveness. Our 12 year old grandson enjoyed it more than he expected.

I recommend the reserved seats. They were well worth the additional cost.

It was also great to see some very talented friends from church in the production.

To everyone involved...break a leg!
Margie Mckennett
02:35 04 May 19
Such fun! Always enjoy watching these talented kids perform😄
Jennifer Junto Houck
02:23 17 Nov 18
My daughter is in her 6th year at Cavod and she has blossomed into a beautiful young women. Cavod has become her happy place and she has made lifelong friends here. She has grown not only technically but spiritually as well. She found her thing and a place to call home! When we moved to Lancaster and she had to switch schools I promised her no matter how far we moved I would never take Cavod away. And now my stepdaughter is enjoying it as well. Thank you for giving me a safe place to teach my children everything from dance to acting to loving and accepting others! And that they are special because of whose they are!
Spolum Family
22:55 04 Oct 18
This place feels like home!
Shenandoah Hall
17:56 04 Apr 18
Debbie Felger Sobanski
15:15 19 Mar 18
We saw our first Cavod theatrical performance just recently--Seussical! My husband and I were so impressed by the quality of the production--the acting and singing were top-notch. I was also impressed by the amazing, colorful costumes and props--a feast for the eyes! To top it off, we had the privilege of meeting the executive director and her husband after the performance and getting to learn about the vision behind Cavod and the journey that has been taken to get to this point. New Holland is indeed blessed to have such a great theater in its midst!
Jessica Keith
22:28 14 Mar 18
We love Cavod! Our daughter’s current dance teacher does a great job making ballet fun for very young kids and we love that she shares Jesus’ love for the girls during class �
John Myers
14:06 14 Mar 18
We are so thankful for Cavod!! This is our daughter's 8th year in ballet, 4th year at Cavod and her 1st year on Dance Company II. We appreciate the Cecchetti ballet technical training/syllabus - offered no where else in the area. Not only does Cavod give excellent ballet/dance training, but also, it is a place of spiritual formation and sisterhood. We are so thankful to have found a dance studio that puts dance in it's rightful place - under the Lordship of Christ and for God's glory and renown.
Vera Zimmerman
01:28 14 Mar 18
What a privilege they give children and adults a like the opportunity to express themselves artistically for the Glory of God. And what pleasure it is to see their extraordinary performances!
Kathy Schell
00:56 14 Mar 18
Cavod is a great place to encourage your child's artistic side in a safe, friendly, encouraging, and God honoring way.
Ashley Shelly
21:25 13 Mar 18
My 9 year old daughter loves Cavod! She has always been creative, and dramatic, lol, so I knew acting would be perfect for her. I struggled to a find somewhere that I thought would help her utilize her talents and still be in a Christian atmosphere. A friend told me about Cavod, and it's amazing! They offer just about everything in the Arts, and it fills my heart with joy to finally have found a place for her to do what she loves and grow more in her faith!
Heidi Firestine Manley
03:47 13 Mar 18
Missy Campbell
15:33 12 Mar 18
Such a fun atmosphere! I really enjoyed my time as assistant stage manager for Seussical! The people and friendships I created are reasons enough for me to love Cavod! Looking forward to coming back and working with such great people!
Makayla Minnich
02:33 12 Mar 18
Janet Warrell
23:18 11 Mar 18
I have taken my grandchildren to two performances, Annie and Suessical the Musical and thoroughly enjoyed both. I didn’t know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by the talented singers and performers. Well done! Can’t wait to see more!
Tara Jones
13:03 11 Mar 18
Went to cavod academy for the first time on sat. March 10th. I took my 3 grandchildren to see seussical the musical. Such talent! We all loved it! I will be well as spreading the word about cavod theatre!
Erin Edwards
03:01 11 Mar 18
What a fantastic place and atmosphere. My daughter and a thoroughly enjoyed seeing all our favorite Dr. Suess characters on stage. The talent was wonderful and the theater has such a welcoming feel. We will definitely be back to a future show!
Brandon Martin
13:50 10 Mar 18
Tina Byelich
12:48 10 Mar 18
Marie Wadlinger
01:25 18 Jan 18
Amazing experience at recent workshop. Very welcoming community
Audrey Pavlica
06:16 11 Dec 17
Susan Zeidler
14:49 14 Nov 17
Great venue! Not a bad seat in the house. And we've loved every show we've seen there.
I think Cavod is a great place for kids to plug in and get involved in activities that they can open up and express themselves.
Rose Zimmerman
03:16 16 Jul 17
This is an amazing school. Its presence is desperately needed since it is one of so few Jesus centered dance and theatre schools available in the area. The director and staff are always approachable. The teachers work so hard to get each one to perform at their personal best level. I have adored all of the teachers I have ever had.
Jen Shelly
19:15 07 May 17
Troy N Amy Arment
02:18 12 Apr 17
Andy Green
01:23 10 Apr 17
Gil Melo
12:50 19 Jan 17
Gil Melo
02:29 28 Nov 16
Wouldn't want my children any place else. Wonderful atmosphere filled with instructors living by Godly principal. Portraying Godly character.
Kendell Moats
21:16 19 Aug 16
Steve Rivera
21:29 09 Jul 16
Que bien grasia por venir para Mayaguez
Yoana Marrero
17:16 12 Jun 16
Carl Lefever
02:06 04 Jun 16
Great place for kids to learn dance and theater in a fun and family friendly environment. Theater productions are outstanding, check it out!
Sandra Zehr Kreider
20:19 30 May 16
Paul N Diana Anselmo
13:16 21 Feb 16
So happy to bring my granddaughters to see Meet Me In St. Louis. Awesome job everyone. We highly recommend Cavod for an entertaining wonderful time.
Kevin Boll
03:12 20 Feb 16
Congrats on a great Show tonight! My kids and I had an excellent time, and laughed the whole way through! You know... I think that may have been just what i needed to restart my career! 20 years ago I sang Shipoopie In a highschool musical... and i just may want to do it again! Keep me in mind!
Dore' Ann Weaver
02:39 06 Jan 16
Dani Bomberger
01:13 18 Dec 15
Dottie Harris
15:25 13 Dec 15
Love this place. Becci and I are going again today.
Caleb Zimmerman
21:05 09 Nov 15
Paul Maeda Krizmencic
19:59 22 Sep 15
Thank you for allowing Breianna, her grandpa and myself to observe the Acting A session last evening! Breianna is very anxious to start acting classes and we hope you will be able to open the Monday 5:30 class, very soon!
Jill Hertzog
17:04 11 Sep 15
Lia Oliveira
16:16 14 Aug 15
Lucas Vieira
15:36 14 Aug 15
Ian Livino
22:27 13 Aug 15
Gabrielle Burkman
02:20 19 Dec 14
Dani Lee
21:47 21 Oct 14
Valentina's first time today!!!! I think she is going to love it here, Derrick is such a profession, nice , and enthusiastic teacher! Ty ❤️
Sarah Noss
01:55 18 Jul 14
Alexander Weaver
02:45 17 Jul 14
Dennis Bair
00:52 10 Jul 14
Awesome place!!
Samy Kengela
11:09 03 Jul 14
Loving every single moment of this great work in Cape Town by Cavod.
Jeanette Evernham
23:01 02 Jul 14
Shana Kelly
23:08 30 Jan 14
Kolby Hawk Hunt
16:09 20 Jan 14
Kathy Collings
00:51 16 Jan 14
Camry Lynn Ulrich
21:15 13 Dec 13
Bente Weaver
16:37 26 Nov 13
Jessica Eby
17:47 23 Nov 13
My daughter started ballet this year at the age of seven and she looks forward every week to her class!
Bonnie Harmon
20:55 16 Nov 13
Naomi Hehnly
20:27 14 Nov 13
Kendall Stauffer
19:57 10 Nov 13
Derek Dienner
23:14 23 Oct 13
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