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Cavod’s performing companies target several different artistic focuses while each creating with purpose. Each team (whether dance or ballet) brings forth quality art to the audience while upholding Godly values. Our companies provide a safe space for performers to grow, while sharing repertoire that inspires audiences.

Whether it be an endearing story through Ballet, sharing the heart of God through Modern dance, or singing harmonies that move the soul, Cavod’s performing companies are so much more than artistic entertainment. We train, share, equip, mentor, uplift others, and elevate Christ in all that we do.

Our performing companies are pleased to have the opportunity to perform and share with you. They are available to perform at school events, churches, conferences, youth groups, retreats, street ministry, college campuses, and more! The programs that are offered can be tailored to the needs of each organization and our goal is to partner with you in the best way possible.

We perform locally often and keep an updated events list here if you would like to learn more about each individual companies more. Please feel free to check out each company to find the best match for your event or contact to be connected with our company directors.

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