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2022 Audition Season

A Tale of Two Cities

Set amidst the blood thirst of the French Revolution, Jill Santoriello’s musical adaptation of Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities follows the story of Lucie Manette, Charles Darnay, and Sydney Carton. As romantic tensions linger, political unrest corrupts the foundations of France. The musical transitions between London, Paris, and their respective countrysides as we encounter the depths of human corruption and the extent of loving sacrifice. 

Award Winning Broadway Producer, Jordan Scott Gilbert will be directing A Tale of Two Cities! Jordan has not only been a producer, he has performed on and off Broadway. This is a tremendous opportunity! Tell your friends and come on out and audition!

Audition Details –

Date: June 28th & June 29th (Callbacks June 30th)

Location: Cavod Performing Arts (665 West Main Street, New Holland, PA 17557)

Please sign up for an audition slot HERE! Ages 16 and up welcome (ages 9-12 for child’s roles) Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your selected time.

For men and women, please sing 16-32 bars of a classical sounding dramatic musical theatre song that shows off your vocal and acting range (e.g. Les Miz, Phantom Of The Opera, Jekyll & Hyde, etc.). Sheet music is required; an accompanist will be provided. 

Alternatively or in addition to, men can sing 16-32-bars of a comedic classical sounding musical theatre song such as “Master Of The House” from Les Miz.

For children/teens, please sing 16-32 bars of a musical theatre song that shows off your vocal and acting range. Parents, please note current height, age and age range.

If you’d like to submit a video audition, please email a HEADSHOT, RESUME, and a VIDEO of you singing two contrasting 16 or 32-bar cuts (along to a live or pre-recorded instrumental) to DUE: June 27th.

Casting Director notes: 

You may sing from the show if you wish.

To get a feel of the show, check out the original Broadway commercial:

There are 11 Principle Roles (7 Men, 3 Women, 1 Girl) and 9 featured Ensemble roles. A minimum of 4 Men and Women are required for ensemble, 6 Men and 6 Women preferred for 3-part singing in places.


MALE ROLES (9 Principal; 11 Featured Ensemble; 2 Swings)

SYDNEY CARTON – Drunken, careless English lawyer in love with Lucie Manette. (Baritone low G to G, 2 octaves) 
JERRY CRUNCHER – English off-job man for Mr. Lorry. Moonlights as a graverobber. (Baritone)

DR. ALEXANDRE MANETTE – French doctor unjustly imprisoned in the Bastille for 17 years. Father of Lucie (Bari/tenor sings to a G) 

MR. JARVIS LORRY – English banker who adopts the Manettes as a surrogate family (non-singing)

CHARLES DARNAY aka EVREMONDE – Good-hearted, upstanding young French aristocrat. Marries Lucie. (Bari-tenor sing to Ab)  

JOHN BARSAD – Turncoat English con-man and spy. In the pay of the Marquis. (Baritone) 

ERNEST DEFARGE – Manette’s old servant. Wine merchant and budding revolutionary (Bari-tenor sings to G/optional A) 

LITTLE GASPARD / ENSEMBLE – Gaspard’s little boy, killed by the carriage of Marquis. 

MARQUIS ST. EVREMONDE / ENSEMBLE – Predatory, immoral French aristocrat. Uncle to Darnay (Baritone sings to F#)

STRYVER / ENSEMBLE – Blustering senior barrister; Carton’s employer. (Baritone) 

YOUNG MAN / ENSEMBLE – Early to late teens, young peasant mortally wounded by the Marquis. (Tenor sings to A) 

ATTORNEY GENERAL / LEAD STREET PERFORMER / ENSEMBLE – Smug showman prosecutor in cahoots with Barsad against Darnay. (Bass/Baritone) 

GABELLE / ENSEMBLE – Servant to the Marquis. Friend to Darney (Baritone) 

GASPARD / ENSEMBLE – French peasant whose child is run down by the Marquis St. Evremonde. (Baritone)

CRONY #1 / ENSEMBLE – Jerry Cruncher’s shovel wielding fellow graverobbers (solo singing) 

CRONY #2 / ENSEMBLE – Jerry Cruncher’s shovel wielding fellow graverobbers (solo singing)

TURNKEY / WAITER / ENSEMBLE – Guard in the Parisian prison of La Force where Darnay is kept.

FRENCH PRESIDENT / CONSTABLE / ENSEMBLE – Presides over the Tribunal in Paris. 




(Male Ensemble Roles include Men, Sailors, Scoundrels, Gallery Crowd, Tavern Folk, People, Street Performers, Mob, etc.)

FEMALE ROLES (6 Principal; 7 Ensemble; 1 Swing)

LUCIE MANETTE – Manette’s young daughter. Thought orphaned as a child. Loved by Darnay and Carton (Soprano sings to Bb)

MISS PROSS – Lucie Manette’s no-nonsense english nanny and friend (singing optional) 

LITTLE LUCIE – Charles Darnay and Lucie Manette’s little girl. (solo singing) 

MADAME THERESE DEFARGE – Patient wide of Defarge who supports his dream of revolution in France (Strong belt; must belt/mix to E) 

SEAMSTRESS / ENSEMBLE – Timid, young woman unjustly condemned to die on the guillotine. (Lyric soprano sings to D) 



1 FEMALE SWING(Female Ensemble Roles include Young Woman, Scoundrels, Gallery Crowd, Tavern Folk, Sisters, People, Street Performers, Mob, etc.)


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