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Great things!!

coffee with connie

These 3 kids (still kids to me) made meRead More

A poster for Cavod's 2023 Open House.

A Good Place

cavod stories

Treva’s Testimony Treva – Mom: Well, what’s interesting isRead More

A Message with Meaning

cavod stories

Inspiration for choreographing a piece can come from anywhere.Read More

A Miracle

cavod stories

We know Cavod Performing Arts is more than justRead More

A Tale of Two Cities

Cavod News

Jordan Scott Gilbert, Bryant Martin, Jacquelyn Zliczewski, More CastRead More

Back in time! Christmas?

coffee with connie

Take me home, country roads, to the place, IRead More

Birthday fun & a New Year!

coffee with connie

It is currently 70 degrees, and I am soakingRead More

Connie's birthday pina colada on the beach | Coffee With Connie | Cavod Dance Theatre


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