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Quiet Trust

coffee with connie

Grandchildren are such a blessing, and great therapy forRead More

Pre-Pointe Exercises for Stronger Feet and Ankles

teacher tips

Going on pointe is a huge milestone in aRead More

February Newsletter

Cavod News

Upcoming at Cavod: Anastasia, To Neverland, Summer Camps, &Read More

Home Sweet Home!

coffee with connie

Our trip to South Africa was LIFE CHANGING forRead More

3 Exercises to Help Strengthen & Maintain Turnout

teacher tips

Finding correct placement and turnout is one of theRead More

A Cavod Performing Arts dance student doing an exercise to improve her turnout

Family, Fun, South Africa bound!

coffee with connie

We ended the year with lots of festivities duringRead More

A group of children surrounding a dinner table during the holidays


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