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ORNATE Dance Theatre

The Training Program

  • Empowering dancers from ages 18 – 25
  • Dedicate nine months to developing a well-rounded dance education with a special focus on Ballet, Modern, and Contemporary.
  • Providing networking opportunities and the chance to train with well-known teachers and choreographers.
  • Creating a space for young artists adults to cultivate practical life skills in addition to their artistic training.
  • Travel opportunities for those who are mission-minded.
  • Multiple performance opportunities in and out of state.

Julie Haney, Cavod Ornate Dance Theatre's Artistic Director

Julie Haney – Ornate Dance Theatre Artistic Director

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“Ornate Dance Theatre has been established to create a warm space for young artists to develop their technique and establish other life skills that will help to propel them in life. My heart’s desire is to train up young adults, who are passionate about using all their giftings to impact today’s culture for good.

I plan to come alongside each dancer and encourage them to seek out their full potential and put together an action plan for what they hope to achieve long term – not just as an artist, but as a person.

Ornate Dance Theatre is honored to operate under the covering of Cavod Performing Arts – a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. In correlation to Cavod’s values and standards, my goal is that each dancer, teacher, and choreographer, etc. feels valued, uplifted, and nourished through this program.”

Julie Haney
– Artistic Director, Manheim.


  • Timnah Krauter

  • Shenandoah Hall

  • Cocoa Houck

  • Caitlin Stoltzfoos

Upcoming Events

Wonder 2023

Dec 15, 2023 - Dec 17, 2023


Ornate Dance Theatre holds auditions once a year for dancers ages 18-25 who are looking to develop their technique and establish other life skills that will help to propel them in life. These auditions are normally held in the Spring/summer, but please do not hesitate to reach out at any point in the year. We would love to hear from you!


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