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ORNATE Company Dancers

Ornate Company Dancers

Timnah Krauter

Hey! I’m Timnah.

The core of my being thrives off communicating God’s truth and shedding His light on everyday struggles we all face through the powerful venue of dance. It’s a way I can relate to everyone who is watching—that the struggles they face, I face too—but the hope I have in God, they can have too!

Dance is such a powerful way to share a message and Ornate’s program trains, prepares, and sends out the dancer fully equipped in heart, mind and body to share the truth of God to people around the world. This witnessing is done through dance virtually, at on site kids’ camps, and performances all while sharing Christ’s love.

Traveling with my dance companies, Cavod and Ornate, to Africa, Brazil, Switzerland and the United States and sharing Christ has not only changed hundreds of lives but has also changed mine! So often as I went to minister the love of Christ to people all around the world, I found myself instead being bathed in God’s love and having my eyes opened to His Global love for His world and people.

Gods truth and love is being shared all over the world in so many ways, and I’m so excited and honored God would have me share Him through dance to His World!

Shenandoah Hall

Hello! I’m Shenan. I’m excited to be joining ORNATE as a dancer for my 3rd season and as the Administrative Assistant for the 2023-2024 season! I have been with Cavod Performing Arts since 2013 and have had the opportunity to perform both locally and internationally with ORNATE, Citylight Dance Theater, and Catalyst Dance Collective. ORNATE has allowed me to continue my training in technique, expand my abilities as a choreographer, and deepen my walk with Jesus. I am particularly passionate about missions, and I love having numerous opportunities throughout the year to combine my love for the Lord and the fine arts in collaboration with various churches and ministries worldwide. I have had the privilege of traveling with Cavod’s different international mission teams to Switzerland, Brazil, NYC, and most recently South Africa. I am excited and ready for everything the Lord has in store for me this season!

Miriam Shera

“Hello! My name is Miriam and I am excited to be back for my second season with ORNATE!

I started dancing at Good Samaritan Dance Academy in Paoli at ten years old where I learned that dance is the way I best express myself. I took a few years off for college, but felt the call to return to dance. After looking around at various options, I landed on ORNATE, which has been a great way to grow in my technique as well as artistry as a Christian dancer.

Dancing in ORNATE has given me such a powerful opportunity to express the truth of Christ through dance. With both our local outreach and trip to South Africa last season, I was able to see God’s hand work in the lives of those we ministered to as well as all of us dancers. I look forward to seeing how God grows all of us in ORNATE this season, both in our faith and our technique.”

Kearin Bryant

Kearin grew up in McDonough, Georgia and started dancing at the age of 4. Kearin knew from an early age that the Lord had called her to be involved with missions specifically through the art of dancing. She has had the opportunity to train with Exalt in the Arts, Into the Light Ballet, and Giselle DiBlasi School of Ballet. She is experienced in ballet, pointe, contemporary, modern, jazz, and musical theater. Kearin has been extremely blessed to be a part of many productions such as: The Book of Esther, Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, The Nutcracker, Fiddler on the Roof, and Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.  She has also participated in many summer dance intensives such as Ballet Magnificat, Kick It Up, as well as Cavod’s dance intensive. Kearin has a passion for Jesus and seeing others come to know Him, especially through the art of dance! She is entering her 2nd season with ORNATE Dance Theatre and she is ecstatic to see what the Lord will do!

Julie Haney

Ornate Dance Theatre has been established to create a warm space for young artists to develop their technique and establish other life skills that will help to propel them in life. My heart’s desire is to train up young adults, who are passionate about using all their giftings to impact today’s culture for good.

I plan to come alongside each dancer and encourage them to seek out their full potential and put together an action plan for what they hope to achieve long term – not just as an artist, but as a person.

Ornate Dance Theatre is honored to operate under the covering of Cavod Performing Arts – a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. In correlation to Cavod’s values and standards, my goal is that each dancer, teacher, and choreographer, etc. feels valued, uplifted, and nourished through this program.

Bella Imchen

Hey! I’m Bella!

I am so honored and excited to be apart of ORNATE this season!

I was dancing for 6 years, then took a gap year for missions, but truly felt the Father calling me to this season of ORNATE.

I have a deep love for the creative arts and using dance as a form of prayer and intercession for the nations. My desire for this season is to not only grow in my technique and style of movement, but to attain a deepening love with the Father from a place of undignified worship, and to grow closer and see the movements of the Father’s heart for us.

I am so so excited to run alongside ORNATE and see how the Father reveals Himself through this season!!


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