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Cavod Performing Arts offers classes in acting and musical theatre for students ages 8 & up where they get to learn the fundamentals of acting.

Theatre acting classes are a great way for students to improve their theatrical skills and develop confidence! They will meet new people and grow their social skills while learning acting technique, vocal projection, and more.

Our goal is to help students grow in their abilities, be challenged artistically, have fun learning with others, and walk in their God-given identity. All our instructors are professional local performers with both classroom and real-world experience. 

(Students in our acting classes will perform an in-class showcase for family and friends. If you are interested in auditioning for one of our full-length musicals with Cavod Theatre, follow us on social media to catch audition announcements!)

No prior experience is necessary for our classes. See our options below! Interested in joining the Cavod Theatre Production Team? Click here


All Things Theatre

All Things Theatre will focus on overcoming stage

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Musical Theatre

This class will focus on the three major disciplin

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Joi-Yan Kue
00:52 06 Mar 24
My husband and I just got to see the amazing production of Anastasia this past weekend at the theatre in New Holland! I had been at the theatre for an open house some time back, but never really got involved or had seen a show…..until this past weekend!!! We will be back……whether it’s to see another show or for me to get involved somehow :)Cavod does an amazing job with keeping Jesus at the center of everything that they do, and my family and I applaud that! Bravo Cavod for making community theatre available and accessible for Lancaster County and surrounding areas :)
Justin & Shana Baloche
14:22 02 Mar 24
CAVOD is a performing arts school & community theatre like no other! The opportunities available- all under one roof- are a gift and a blessing to all who come through their doors. Our five children have grown in the safe and encouraging environment CAVOD provides, grounded on Scripture and the truth and love of Jesus. CAVOD’s teachers and directors, mentor their students and help them grow in their God-given talents. Their theatre productions will leave you breathless. Telling stories worth telling, such as Anastasia, CAVOD brings timeless tales and truths to the stage, reminding us all that light and hope do triumph over the darkness.
Dawn Haines
02:56 27 Feb 24
We LOVE Cavod! 5 of our children are taking classes at Cavod. We are incredibly thankful that they are all on scholarship. The four girls are in the Friends in Motion classes. They enjoy participating with other children who have special needs. The teachers are caring and make the classes fun! Our children have also enjoyed several of the summer camps, ballet, acting class, musical theater, vocal ensemble and piano. The Christ centered culture at Cavod has the kids as well us as parents looking forward to Monday and Thursday evenings. Thank you Cavod!
Wyatt Haines
02:36 27 Feb 24
I am a student at Cavod. Cavod has meant the world to me. I enjoyed there musical theatre camp and enjoy taking classes. Thank you Cavod!
Anna Boriack
01:58 27 Feb 24
My son has taken theatre classes for 2 years here and tap for one year. It is a wonderful, welcoming place. Everyone is very friendly. We also appreciate the Christian environment and knowing that our son is being taught to perform to the God's glory. I would highly recommend Cavod!
Ahna Fulmer
12:50 17 Apr 23
Having been to 5 musicals at CAVOD Theater, including a Junior show of 42 kids, I can confidently say the quality of acting and musical performance delivered at this community theater is superior to several professional shows I have seen.
Melody Mendoza
13:16 21 Mar 23
I've seen a few theatre productions as well as several dance performances at Cavod and they are always well done, artistic, and moving. I would definitely recommend attending any show they're putting on!
Abby Jack
14:58 07 Mar 20
My sister and I saw Cinderella last night! It was so funny and so magical. the acting and singing was top-notch. I would 💯 recommend this to anyone!
Jennifer Junto Houck
02:23 17 Nov 18
My daughter is in her 6th year at Cavod and she has blossomed into a beautiful young women. Cavod has become her happy place and she has made lifelong friends here. She has grown not only technically but spiritually as well. She found her thing and a place to call home! When we moved to Lancaster and she had to switch schools I promised her no matter how far we moved I would never take Cavod away. And now my stepdaughter is enjoying it as well. Thank you for giving me a safe place to teach my children everything from dance to acting to loving and accepting others! And that they are special because of whose they are!
Debbie Felger Sobanski
15:15 19 Mar 18
We saw our first Cavod theatrical performance just recently--Seussical! My husband and I were so impressed by the quality of the production--the acting and singing were top-notch. I was also impressed by the amazing, colorful costumes and props--a feast for the eyes! To top it off, we had the privilege of meeting the executive director and her husband after the performance and getting to learn about the vision behind Cavod and the journey that has been taken to get to this point. New Holland is indeed blessed to have such a great theater in its midst!
Ashley Shelly
21:25 13 Mar 18
My 9 year old daughter loves Cavod! She has always been creative, and dramatic, lol, so I knew acting would be perfect for her. I struggled to a find somewhere that I thought would help her utilize her talents and still be in a Christian atmosphere. A friend told me about Cavod, and it's amazing! They offer just about everything in the Arts, and it fills my heart with joy to finally have found a place for her to do what she loves and grow more in her faith!
Tara Jones
13:03 11 Mar 18
Went to cavod academy for the first time on sat. March 10th. I took my 3 grandchildren to see seussical the musical. Such talent! We all loved it! I will be back...as well as spreading the word about cavod theatre!
Rose Zimmerman
03:16 16 Jul 17
This is an amazing school. Its presence is desperately needed since it is one of so few Jesus centered dance and theatre schools available in the area. The director and staff are always approachable. The teachers work so hard to get each one to perform at their personal best level. I have adored all of the teachers I have ever had.
Paul Maeda Krizmencic
19:59 22 Sep 15
Thank you for allowing Breianna, her grandpa and myself to observe the Acting A session last evening! Breianna is very anxious to start acting classes and we hope you will be able to open the Monday 5:30 class, very soon!
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Cavod offers "All Things Theatre" and Musical Theatre courses. Students can also audition to be a part of junior or community theatre shows open to the public. Click here to view theatre acting classes
The best time to register for the school year is between June and August. Although you can start with us at any time, you will be more likely get your choice of theatre acting classes and you will be able to start at the beginning of the year so you don’t miss any of our great instruction. View our calendar here for more details on when to join.
Our theatre acting students perform a class showcase for friends and family in the beginning of June! There is no extra ticket cost for these performances. View our calendar here for more details on when to join.
Theatre acting classes can be a great way to improve your theatrical skills and develop confidence. They also provide you with an opportunity to meet new people, learn about the cultures and improve social skills alongside acting technique, vocal power, other valuable skills.
Yes, CAVOD has a dress code for its classes. Students are expected to wear appropriate dance attire and shoes, as well as follow specific guidelines for hair and jewelry. View dress code policy here
CAVOD offers classes on weekday evenings, with varying times depending on the class and age group based on the class. Click here to select a class and view schedules
CAVOD offers acting classes starting at age 8 and we welcome teens and adults too. Find the right class for you! Click here to view theatre acting classes for all age groups
The best place to start learning how to act is by taking lessons with an experienced teacher. They teach skills that may be too subtle to pick up on your own, and offer tips and fundamental lessons in acting that are indespensible for the would-be actor. Click here to learn more about theatre acting at CAVOD
No, prior acting experience is not required. CAVOD welcomes students of all skill levels and experience. Click here to view theatre acting classes for all skill levels
We offer classes in New Holland, PA and Manheim, PA! There are different schedules for each location, click here view all of our classes. View more info about our locations here.


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