Cavod Academy offers a variety of theatre acting classes in Lancaster County, PA that provide students with diverse learning experience as they learn to take the stage! Subjects taught include:

Audition Techniques
Improv and Partnering
Scene Work
Character Development
Speech and Vocal Technique

The focus of our acting school is learning to act through practice (not by lecture). Acting lessons at Cavod Academy are learned through instruction, directions, and exploration. This allows students to learn in accordance with dedication, commitment, and attendance (rather than being limited by the methods of the conventional classroom). We have acting classes for kids, teens, and adults.

Our drama class schedule involves bringing in a team of expert teachers with first-hand experience in each subject, allowing the students to receive the best education possible from people who are actually working in the subjects they teach!

They will also have performance opportunities by having two showcases; one in December and another at the end of the year!


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