Julie Haney

Julie Haney

Creative Director of Ballet Curriculum, Dance Administrator, Dance Instructor of Ballet, Jazz, and Modern

Julie grew up just south of Atlanta, GA where she began dancing at the age of 14. Throughout high school Julie trained at Into the Light Ballet. Here she learned the craft of various dance techniques, but more importantly began fusing her passion of worship with her ability to move and create. After receiving her Associates in Biblical Studies, Julie moved to Houston, TX to dance with Ad Deum II. She spent two years with ADII and then apprenticed with Ad Deum for a full season. During this time Julie had the privilege of serving (performing, teaching, etc) through dance in various locations across the globe including, but not limited to Hungary, Switzerland, Bulgaria, and The USA. She has also had the privilege of participating in Project Dance and being on staff at times for this wonderful organization. Julie has trained with incredible dance masters and choreographers such as Steve Rooks, Durrel Comedy, Roxane D’Orleans Juste, Vincent Hardy, and more! Julie has most recently been dancing with Bridge Dance Collective and teaching in the greater Houston area. Julie believes in cultivating a supportive community of like minded artist, who are passionate about sharing the love of God through the medium of dance.

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