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My camping story! :)

I grew up camping and loved it! My hubby’s idea of camping is in a hotel room with room service! LOL!

A couple on our street have a camper and I see them loading it and getting ready to make great memories with their kids. One day a couple of years ago, I was driving by and saw them getting ready for their next excursion. I was trying not be envious…and I heard the Lord speaking to me…”Well just ask me for a camper.” I literally laughed out loud, and replied verbally…”Ok God, I want a camper. Hahaha!” YES LAUGHING… I got home and did not tell Dave, and I forgot about it.

The very next day….lo and behold, Dave sent me a text…”I am doing a job for someone and they have a camper for sale and here are a few pics. Should we consider it? I felt I was to text you and I am not sure why!” WHAT????? YOU MUST BE KIDDING!??!! I could not call him fast enough and I told him the story of yesterday, and how God spoke to me! The owner agreed to hold it until the next day when we could look at it! It was affordable and beautiful!!!! We purchased it on the spot! And Dave was apprehensively excited!! ( I wouldn’t blame God if He would have made me deaf & dumb for a few weeks, like Zechariah for doubting. LOL)

2 MIRACLES…. GOD ANSWERED MY HALF-HEARTED PRAYER! AND DAVE TEXT ME AND AGREED TO IT!! The camper sleeps 10, and is in amazing shape for being older! The price was a steal! I am still in awe of God!!

We’ve been camping a few times a summer, making lots of memories with our 11 grandkids too! For 3 weeks this month we are at Yogi Bear Campground, leaving our camper, and coming and going.

Last weekend we had 8 out of 11 grands here the whole weekend, and 1 that came for a visit. We had so much fun!! They had a blast…and Dave is still adjusting. LOL! What a guy!!

This weekend we are here and it’s Dave’s birthday. He is really enjoying it, “especially because I am with you”…he says. Dave is my rock, my “steady Freddy.” His gentle steadfast faith, and love for me is such a force and the reason I can pour my heart into the ministry of Cavod! I am so thankful for him!

Camping is such a great way for me to disconnect, catch up on work, get alone with God for vision and strategy. Oh how I love love the way God answers our prayers…even when we don’t always believe, He hears us.

What would happen if we really truly trusted Him, and just took him at His word….”

“Ask, and it will be given to you. Seek and you will find. Knock, and it will be opened to you.

For everyone who asks receives, and he who finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.”  Matthew 7:7,8

We have seen the goodness of God at Cavod as we are off to a great start this school year, in both New Holland and Manheim! Record enrollments…ANOTHER MIRACLE! There are new friends and faces along with returning students that brings momentum and excitement as they are so happy to be in class! How rewarding it is to see them thriving in their classes and with their friends… as they are loved, valued and are creating with purpose! I can just see God smiling as they are giving Him glory through dance, music and theatre! Lord, we give you all the glory!

August kicks off our new school year as well as our “Adopt a Student” Scholarship program! This year the need is bigger than ever…more students have applied for a scholarship. I have a brochure with pictures and their stories, if you would like to consider “adopting” one of these precious students, by paying for their tuition etc. it’s a great way to connect and make a great difference in their lives! This has been one of the most successful programs we have ever done. Please reach out to me at for the brochure and for more information.

Here is a testimony of just one of our many students who have benefited from this program…

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE that affects these kids for a lifetime! THANK YOU, THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

Prayer: “Lord Jesus, forgive us for doubting you, and for not taking you at your word! Help us to trust you without borders! You want to do more than we can ask or think…even in our weakness you use us. I am so so grateful! Bless my friends that are reading this email today. Be with them in every area of their lives… as they let go and learn to trust you on a deeper level! Help us to walk in your supernatural provision. At the same time, we give up control, Lord, and our right to understand. We love you! In Jesus Name, Amen!”

This is my setting for coffee with the Lord this week! Find your sweet “hiding place” and get alone with God and His Word! Be expecting for God to do great things!

Much love,

Connie Dienner

Executive Director

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