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Home Sweet Home!

Sitting here in my recliner for the last 9 days has been challenging! I came home from our missions trip to Cape Town, SA on January 4th so sick! After going to the doctor, I discovered I had pneumonia with a 2 week recovery time. So I have been sleeping & resting, trying not to think too much. It is so good to be home, especially with being sick. I finally got the energy to send an email to you!

Our trip to South Africa was LIFE CHANGING for all! Our team of 17 will never be the same! We held an arts camp for 130 underprivileged children for 6 days ages 10-18. The love and appreciation we felt from these children touched us deeply! We have so many stories and miracles that we would love to share with you. So our team is having a night of sharing, this Sunday evening, January 28th at 5:30 at Cavod Theatre. EVERYONE IS WELCOME! We will be sharing testimonies, pictures, and a dance that some of our team did in South Africa. Come be inspired, and experience the presence of Jesus this Sunday evening!

Here are a few pictures and the rest we will be sharing Sunday night.

I am so thankful to have a team here at home that kept Cavod going while we were away. Our staff and volunteers kept Cavod humming and doing well! I am excited about our Citylight show that is coming up February 4th-5th. Please get your tickets and plan to attend this moving performance by our local outreach team! So powerful!

Rehearsals are underway for our main stage show, “Anastasia”, coming up in March! Such a talented cast, with opening night being a dinner theatre. Click on the graphics below for more information!

We also had auditions and now have a great cast for “To Neverland” an original ballet, coming to the Cavod stage in April!

It may be cold and snowy but Cavod is going strong, providing a place to build community, learn with excellence and give glory to the Lord through the arts! I am so thankful for the opportunities we have in America! If you think that the US is falling apart, you really need to visit a 3rd world country. We have so much to be thankful for, even in the midst of the dysfunction, we are so blessed!

Prayer – “Dear Lord, forgive us for complaining about the things that don’t really matter. Please help us to develop a grateful heart, for so many things that we take for granted. Give us a passion for those who need Jesus! Please help our hearts not to grow cold or passive for your Word and your presence! We want to be “hungry” for you! We love you, Jesus! Amen!”

Take the time to have coffee with someone this week, or text an encouraging word! May we live 2024 with intention, making the most of every moment, as life is so short!

Much love,

Connie Dienner

Executive Director

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