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Family & Rhythms of Grace

We had a chance to have dinner after one of the shows of Anastasia with a few of our grands. Red Robin is the perfect place to go with growing kids, as they have unlimited mac & cheese and fries! LOL!! We watched a movie, and they slept over at our house. It warms this grandma’s heart that they love to come to our home, even the older ones! Just priceless!

Connie Dienner eating dinner with her family at Red Robin

At Cavod, we ARE like family and are building community! Anastasia was an incredible experience and an amazing show that played at Cavod Theatre these past two weekends. Some of the comments I received from our audience members…”This was so well done! “I am a costumer, and the details and costumes were all so professional!” “I had no idea that Cavod Theatre was for adults too, and anyone can audition! “I absolutely loved the quality and the talent.” “I will definitely be back!” See these wonderful pictures below by Bartlett Pair Photography!

We also had family members who performed together in this great show, which I love!

Amy Rau, our music director, and Steve Rau who was in the cast, are husband and wife.

Ric Weaver and his wife Kathryn were both in the show.

The Baloche family was represented well! Isaac, Elise & Maurice were all in the cast. Their mother, Shana, was the set designer and built the set. Love seeing their passion for the Lord, theatre and community!

John & Josiah Henne are a father son duo, who were both in the show.

Joy & Jacqueline Schaeffer are mother & daughter who were in the show.


This brings an element to the cast that is priceless!

This is a cute picture of Joy Schaeffer & Amanda Lewis, who played Nana & Anastasia in the show.

Joy Schaeffer & Amanda Lewis who played Nana & Anastasia in Cavod Theatre's 2024 production of Anastasia.

Here is one of my favorite pictures! Lincoln, one of our dancers injured his shoulder and could not do the lifts in the dances. So Grace Mae, our choreographer, had to rechoreograph a few things during the show as they were going on stage because Lincoln was in such pain! After the show, some of the cast gathered together to pray over Lincoln and offer encouraging words! Incredible!

Cast members from Cavod Theatre's 2024 production of Anastasia praying before the show.

Cavod Theatre is a safe place that gives glory and honor to the Lord through our gifts and talents, producing redemptive stories that inspire and bring life to all! I am honored to be part of this ministry!

Today, I am drawn to the scripture that reminds us to give thanks.

Praise the Lord…Praise him for His acts of power;

praise Him for His surpassing greatness…

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord…!!! Psalm 150:1-6

Wow! I really need to work on this. It is so easy to complain when life gets stressful and overwhelming. But when I stop…slow down….count my blessings and give thanks… it changes things…I change! Things don’t look so crazy, if I break it down, moment by moment…walking in rhythms of grace.

Prayer: “Lord Jesus, I am sorry for complaining and stressing out. Please forgive me. Lord, help me to be thankful, living a life of gratefulness and surrender…honoring you. May I give myself grace when I fall down, and allow you to take control. Lord Jesus, take the wheel! I love you, Lord! THANK YOU!” In Jesus Name, Amen.

Choose joy today, my friends! Say 5 things each morning you are thankful for, and a few throughout your day! Watch your life move from murmuring and entitlement to joy and peace!! And like always…a cup of coffee is the “cherry on top”! 😊

Much love,

Connie Dienner

Executive Director

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