Every moment Counts!

We had the most spectacular family vacation & gram camp with our family and grandchildren!

Here is a picture of Dave and I with our 3 children. They are the best!

Connie Dienner and family taking a picture at the Disney World castle

We took 3 of our oldest grands to Disney 11 years ago and decided to reenact it this vacation. So fun! Either we shrunk or they grew! LOL! You can figure it out.

Cavod's Connie Dienner and her husband posing for a picture in Disney with their young grand children Cavod's Connie Dienner and her husband posing for a picture in Disney with their grand children all grown up

I just cannot believe how fast time flies! They have developed into beautiful young adults that we can have meaningful conversations with. I believe that was a highlight on our crazy fun family vacation…the moments we had waiting in line and chats over coffee. Someone once told me if you develop relationships with your grands when they are younger, you will have them as friends when they are older. This is so true!

Cavod's Connie Dienner and family eating at a circular table outdoors

There are a million opportunities to be offended, and we differ on many things… politics, opinions, ways of thinking, church… just to name a few. It’s easy to be offended when someone does something wrong to us. I’ve even heard of people not speaking to one another for years, because of an offense. But the Bible says…

“In prayer there is a connection between what God does and what you do.

You can’t get forgiveness from God, for instance, without also forgiving others.

If you refuse to do your part, you cut yourself off from God’s part.”

Matthew 6:14-15 MSG

Another translation says that him who forgives little, will be forgiven little. YIKES! This is scary. Let us check our hearts and ask the Lord to help us offer love and forgiveness in those difficult situations. He is faithful!

I had a great opportunity to go to the beach with 5 of my leaders from Cavod last week. They are amazing leaders and we had such a great time… laughing, sharing, eating and taking in the sun. They are the best and carry the heartbeat of this ministry!

Cavod's leadership team posing for a picture on a street corner The Cavod leadership team on the beach.

Hard work, friendships, growth, talented, overcomers, excellence, determined, lovers of Jesus, giving Him all the glory… only a few words that describe our wonderful students! We celebrated all they have worked so hard for all year long at the Dance Concert! Three recitals, dancing their hearts out! What a joy to see them perform!

A collage of young dancers performing during Cavod's 2024 Spring Dance Concert

And now our focus is on our open houses at both our locations, New Holland & Manheim!

A flyer for Cavod New Holland's Open House A flyer for Cavod Manheim's 2024 Open House

Be sure to stop by and say hello! It is going to be a blast with free food, performances, and WJTL LIVE!!! Don’t miss it!

We are also gearing up for our summer camps! There are still a few spots open if you would like to register your child or grandchild. These camps are so much fun as the kids experience the arts in a great atmosphere with wonderful teachers!

A flyer showing all of Cavod's 2024 Summer Camp programs

Prayer – “Thank you Lord for another day to serve you! Please give us grace to love each other as you love us. May we be quick to forgive and offer forgiveness to others. Only you God, can make this possible. We are so grateful for your unconditional love in our lives. Help us to understand what you have done for us on the cross so we can live in freedom! We love you! In Jesus Name, Amen.”
Have a wonderful week with a cup of coffee, celebrating the freedom we have in America!

Much love,

Connie Dienner

Executive Director

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