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Ballet is a disciplined style of physical mastery from which many genres of dance originated. The dance style first appeared in Italy during the 15th century as a form of entertainment and eventually grew in popularity and later spread around the world to countries such as France and Russia. Ballet has existed for hundreds of years as a storytelling art form leaving global audiences captivated.


Our mission at Cavod is to train up a generation of diverse and well-rounded ballet dancers, who will be prepared to pursue a professional dance program at a collegiate level and/or enter a trainee program with a company.


Cavod currently offers weekly Ballet classes that are developmentally appropriate for each age group ranging from 3-Adult. Cavod is instilling a deeper appreciation for the art of ballet in each dancer while simultaneously equipping the serious student for a professional career. Offering multiple performance opportunities throughout the season.


Our Ballet Program is inspired by the Cecchetti, ABT, and Vaganova Syllabli. We believe that by combining the strengths of these foundational schools our dancers will be well prepared to enter the world of dance upon their high-school graduation. We not only focus on the proper execution of each step, but also the artistry and intentionality within each movement. Our instructors value the growth of every student and desire to see them succeed physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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