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Ballet 5 & Pointe Ages 14 yrs & up

Advanced skill level / Dance / Ballet

What is Ballet 5 & Pointe?

Students are expected to remain in this level until their high school graduation. Prior experience in Ballet 4 is required and students must enroll in 2 out of the 3 Ballet 5 classes offered if they plan to pursue this level of technique seriously in order to achieve maximum acceleration and growth. If a student does not plan to meet this requirement, they will be considered an elective Ballet 5 student. Elective Ballet 5 students will not be eligible to perform at the end of year concert. Per the 7th and 8th year description of the Vaganova Syllabus: “At this level, the execution of all fundamental movement is carried through with finishing touches to reach the perfection of classical dance. the physical development of virtuosity and artistry are emphasized.” Students will continue their development in the Vaganova method as well as learn Classical and Contemporary ballet variations to further develop artistry and knowledge of ballet. 

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