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Rooty – The Cavod Manheim Mascot!

Hey there!! My name is “Rooty”, and I am the Cavod Manheim mascot!! I started my life journey in the main lobby of SUPPLY, just one single leaf on a beautiful Fiddle-Leaf Fig (my mommy!) One day, a nice lady named Monica thought it might be fun to have me spread my leaf and leave the nest, as some might say. She helped me travel from the lobby of SUPPLY to the Cavod Manheim windowsill, where I started in a jar of water for the first few months. I didn’t think I could do it, but with some sunlight and water, I was able to grow my very own roots. It was miraculous, as some might say. Monica decided that my nutrient intake needed to level up, so she traded in the plain water for some nutrient-rich soil. Now, I can hardly believe it, but my roots have gotten so thick and intense that you can see them through the soil! I have big dreams. I dream of being just like my mom in the main lobby someday. Big, lush, and tall! If you see me at Cavod’s Manheim, PA location, I’d love it if you came by and said “hi” or even gave me some words of encouragement. We can all use a, “you got this” every once in a while! When you look at me on the studio windowsill, I hope my journey brings a smile to your face. I hope my presence reminds you, “you got this!”

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