3 Exercises to Help Strengthen & Maintain Turnout

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Technique Tips: Guide For Increasing Turnout

A graphic detailing the importance of improving one's turnout for ballet, as well as an exercise where someone stretches their legs against a wall while pliéing and pulling their pinkie toes towards the wall. A graphic highlighting a ballet turnout exercise where a dancer sits against a wall, points their feet, then brings their heels to face each other, then maintain turnout while pulling their pinkie toes towards the wall, and then finally rotating their legs back to parallel. A graphic for a ballet turnout improvement exercise, where dancers lay against a wall with their backs flat, then squeeze their knees together and raise their foot off the floor, and finally opening their top knee towards the wall. This process is to be repeated 16-32 times per side or until your glutes are engaged.

3 Exercises to Help Strengthen & Maintain Turnout

Finding correct placement and turnout is one of the most important things a young ballet dancer should learn. Proper rotation comes from the hips, using the glutes and inner thigh muscles. Complete the following exercises with the assistance of the wall or without, once able.  

Exercise 1

Rotate legs from the hips. Stretch right above the knee. Plie and open legs outwards. As you stretch, keep feet flexed and pull the pinkie toe towards the wall. Repeat for 2 sets of 8.


Exercise 2


Start with legs parallel, legs and feet stretched.


Rotate legs from the hip joints. Heels should face each other.


Maintaining turnout, flex feet and pull your pinkie toes towards the wall.


Rotate legs back to parallel. Repeat for 2 sets of 8.


Exercise 3

Clam Shells

Lay against the wall with your back flat. Squeeze the knees together and raise your feet off the floor.

Open & Shut

Keeping the toes together, open your top knee towards the wall.

Repeat 16-32 times on each side or until you feel your glutes engage.


Additional Technique Tips

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