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Cavod Performing Art’s Modern dance program combines strong ballet technique with freedom of movement and expression. Our modern classes pull from various well-known classical modern techniques and Post-Modern/Contemporary styles such as; Graham, Horton, Limon, and Release technique. This genre of dance challenges dancers to take risks with their movement and to be creative. Focus is placed on balance, control, strength, flexibility, and interpretation of music through dance. Proper attention is given to student alignment using technical exercises designed to strengthen the lower and upper body. These exercises are often rooted in ballet technique, but have been adapted to modern movement. Classes include initiating movement through the breath and use of the spine for contract and release movement. Class warm-up will work through parallel and turned-out positions, core initiation, use of the floor, head-tailbone-connection through plié, and building flexibility and strength. Center warm-up and across the floor consists of various runs, jumps, swinging movements, turns, quick direction changes, dropping your center of gravity, floor work that includes fall and recovery rolls, slides, and weight-bearing inversions. Students will build improvisational skills, partnering skills, the use of the body to portray emotion, and choreographic skills in higher level classes. We offer modern classes for ages 8 to adult, for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels.


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