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What is Modern Dance?

Cavod Performing Art’s Modern dance program combines strong ballet technique with freedom of movement and expression. Our modern classes pull from various well-known classical modern techniques and Post-Modern/Contemporary styles such as; Graham, Horton, Limon, and Release technique.

History of Modern Dance

Modern D

This genre of dance challenges dancers to take risks with their movement and to be creative. Focus is placed on balance, control, strength, flexibility, and interpretation of music through dance. Proper attention is given to student alignment using technical exercises designed to strengthen the lower and upper body. These exercises are often rooted in ballet technique, but have been adapted to modern movement.

Modern Dance Training at Cavod

Classes include initiating movement through the breath and use of the spine for contract and release movement. Class warm-up will work through parallel and turned-out positions, core initiation, use of the floor, head-tailbone-connection through plié, and building flexibility and strength. Center warm-up and across the floor consists of various runs, jumps, swinging movements, turns, quick direction changes, dropping your center of gravity, floor work that includes fall and recovery rolls, slides, and weight-bearing inversions.

Benefits of Modern Dance

Students will build improvisational skills, partnering skills, the use of the body to portray emotion, and choreographic skills in higher level classes.

Who is this class for?

We offer modern classes for ages 8 to adult, for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels.


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Yes! We take new enrollments all the way through the fall. Please plan to join us before Christmas break! After that our classes are shifting from learning technique to creating class choreography.
We offer two Visitor’s Weeks each year where friends and family are invited into our rooms to observe class. You can come in person or virtually, but classroom visits may only take place during these two weeks. During classes, we invite you to enjoy our café or playroom while you wait for your child.
You know we do! We offer several options for summer camps in the arts! Kids camps, musical theatre camps, dance intensive training, a camp for teens and young adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities… and more! All the HOT summer info is HERE!
Masks are optional for all.
Our class schedules run with the school year. We begin at the end of August and end in June. Classes meet once a week!
Well, we don’t have “Performing Arts” in our name for nothing! Dance and Acro classes perform in the Spring Dance Concert in June. In addition to selling tickets to that off-site performance, there is a costume fee between $70-$95 per class due in the fall and we do a fundraiser to help offset the costs for you.  
All of our ballet classes have a required leotard with their dress code that can be purchased at our Cavod Boutique for your convenience! Other dance classes have requirements that are not specific. All class dress code details can be found HERE! https://cavod.org/academy/dress-code/
Read all about the heart of Cavod HERE!
  • We exist to reflect the glory of God!
  • We do this through our beautiful facility, through the clean and uplifting music we use, the modest and colorful costumes, the encouraging manner of our professional teachers, and the kindness of our students and families.
  • Our café and playroom are family friendly, and people tell us this place feels welcoming and warm.
  • Our students are truly challenged, and the standard of excellence is high, balanced with love and joy in every class.
  • Cavod means The Glory of God in Hebrew so just call us the reflectors of His glory!
We get it. Life happens. We just require 30 days’ notice to inform us that you need to drop. You are welcome to keep attending during that time, we will adjust your final monthly payment to reflect the end of the 30 days. If you have already paid bi-annually or annually, we do not offer refunds, but you can use the money you have paid toward another class or even summer camp in the same fiscal year!
We offer one free trial class per student. There is opportunity to take additional trials for $20 each. There’s no commitment! Just register online and in the form, you will have the opportunity to indicate it as a trial class. We won’t charge you a thing…just come to your first class. After class you can stop by the front desk and let us know if you want to enroll. Since you already filled out all the registration info it’s easy peasy!
Please stay home if you are sick…but you don’t have to miss class! All our spaces are equipped with high quality computers, cameras, microphones, and TVs for virtual classes! Only registered students can take virtual classes and they are not available for tumbling, acro, or pointe classes for safety reasons. We don’t offer make up classes or refunds if you must miss a class.
All classes and private lessons during the school year have a $3O registration fee per student to offset the cost of administration. Group class tuition starts at $65 per month. Private lesson tuition is $30 per half hour. We have 3 payment options for you: pay the total annual cost for 5% discount, or two bi-annual payments for a 3% discount, or an even monthly payment for your convenience. Speaking of convenience we have an auto-pay option so you can set it and forget it! You can see all our rates and payment options on our Tuition Schedule HERE! https://cavod.org/academy/tuition/
The best time to register for the school year is between June and August. You will likely get your choice of classes and you will be able to start at the beginning of the year so you don’t miss any of our great instruction.
We offer classes in New Holland and Manheim PA! There are different schedules for each location so check out all of our classes HERE! https://cavod.org/academy/


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