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Modern 1

  • Beginner
  • 9 yrs & up
  • Dance
  • Modern

Modern 1 is an intro class teaching the foundations of modern dance. Modern technique takes the foundations of ballet but adds freedom of movement and expression. Class includes learning how to initiate movement through the breath and use of the spine. Class warm-up will work through understanding parallel vs. turn-out position, core initiation, use of the floor, and flexibility and strength building with yoga and Pilates influences. Center warm-up and across the floor consists of runs, jumps, basic turns, swinging movements, and floor work such as learning how to safely fall, roll, and slide on the floor. Class will take pedestrian movement like running and jumping to create more intricate dance movement. Students will learn musical timing and how to use the body to portray emotion. Each week students will learn modern choreography building off of what is being taught throughout the class.

**Students are required to have a current enrollment in a ballet class.

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Dress Code

GIRLS: Any solid color leotard and black leggings

BOYS: Cavod shirt or any color, plain shirt with black dance pants/joggers/athletic shorts with compression shorts

Bare foot (Provide non-slippery, black crew socks at teacher’s request)


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Modern Dance classes at Cavod blend ballet technique with freedom of movement and expression. Although the classes teach modern styles, the teachings are based on well-known classical modern techniques and Post-Modern/Contemporary styles in the same vein as Graham, Horton, Limon, and Release technique.   Click here to browse Cavod's other class offerings
Cavod offers a variety of Modern Dance Classes for different age groups and skill levels:
Our modern classes are offered for students ages 9 to adult. We provide classes for people of beginner, intermediate or advanced skill levels.   Curious about scheduling a class? Learn More About The Class Schedule Here
Both Cavod's New Holland, PA, location and Manheim, PA, location offer Modern Dance Classes.


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