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What is Adult Modern Dance? 

Adult Modern is a beginner/intermediate class teaching the foundations of modern. The Modern technique takes the foundations of ballet but adds freedom of movement and expression. 

Adult Modern Dance Training at Cavod

Class includes learning how to initiate movement through the breath and use of the spine; contract/release, twists, and tilts. Class warm-up will work through understanding parallel vs. turn-out position, core initiation, use of the floor, and flexibility and strength building. Center warm-up and across the floor will consist of runs, jumps, turns, swinging movements, and beginner floor work such as learning how to safely fall, roll, slide, and do basic inversions. 

Benefits of Adult Modern Dance

Class will take pedestrian movement like running and jumping to create more intricate dance movements. Students will learn improvisational techniques, musical timing, and how to use the body to portray emotion. Each week students will learn modern choreography building off of what is being taught throughout the class.

Classes Available

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amy horst
12:01 05 Apr 24
I am so happy to have found Cavod, a place I can trust with the amazing gift of dance as worship and expression of who God made each one to be! Huge thanks to Connie and all the Cavod teachers for being steadfast leaders of the kids and adults in our community who step out and vulnerably to try something new. I’m 51 years old and I decided to try a dance class for the first time: worship dance. My daughter is 18 and she started various dance classes at Cavod when she was 16. Thank you Cavod for welcoming every age group. Thank you for caring about skills and hearts /lives of each dancer.
Ashley Brown
22:23 20 Mar 24
CAVOD has been an incredible addition to the town of Manheim. We love how these classes not only inspire our kids to move physically and use their God given talents and gifts as Dancers, musicians and actors but also speak to their hearts and spirits as well as unique chilldren of God. All the teachers are highly qualified and trained in their specialties and every staff member/volunteer is friendly and helpful to assist. The facility is clean and bright with high quality technology and a comfortable cafe to wait for your children during class.
Justin & Shana Baloche
14:22 02 Mar 24
CAVOD is a performing arts school & community theatre like no other! The opportunities available- all under one roof- are a gift and a blessing to all who come through their doors. Our five children have grown in the safe and encouraging environment CAVOD provides, grounded on Scripture and the truth and love of Jesus. CAVOD’s teachers and directors, mentor their students and help them grow in their God-given talents. Their theatre productions will leave you breathless. Telling stories worth telling, such as Anastasia, CAVOD brings timeless tales and truths to the stage, reminding us all that light and hope do triumph over the darkness.
Paula Sauder
01:18 28 Feb 24
Cavod's teachers are top quality; well educated and experienced in their respective genres. Cavod offers several adult classes. I take 2; Tap and ballet and the teachers are phenomenal and in my case, very understanding with my limitations. I came to Cavod after years of being in a studio I was very involved with and then closed. Cavod has everything that we dreamed about having in the former studio; an ideal location, ample parking, a cafe, and a playroom for non-dancing children.
Ahna Fulmer
12:30 31 May 23
My daughter loves dancing and singing at CAVOD. It is like going to summer camp all year long. She calls it her home away from home; a place she feels loved and valued.
Laura Swartley
21:51 24 Oct 20
Amazing place! Great dance and performing arts studio. Good quality education in the performing arts. The teachers are wonderful and other students are very friendly. They offer classes for both kids and adults. I believe this studio will continue to expand and grow even more in the coming years.
Chris Doughty
12:35 15 Oct 20
Josh was accepted and loved and given amazing instruction in his class and he really came out of his "shell." He gained confidence when he wasn't sure he could perform and by the end of the year, he had no fear of being on stage and performing! I would recommend CAVOD 100%! They are a true blessing to their community!!!
Vera Zimmerman
01:28 14 Mar 18
What a privilege they give children and adults a like the opportunity to express themselves artistically for the Glory of God. And what pleasure it is to see their extraordinary performances!


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