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Heaven felt a bit closer to me yesterday, as I imagined my Mom celebrating with Jesus in her forever home. My mom lived with us for 17 years, after my Dad passed away. In my childhood days, she was always up for a cup of coffee with the ladies in our country neighborhood. She had the gift of hospitality like no other! My girlfriends loved sleepovers at my house to hang out with my mom, as she was known for her vigorous pillow fights, endless food and desserts, and heart to heart chats! She was a person of dignity in her Mennonite conservative dress.

This picture is from 2008, the year before she passed away at Fairmount Homes. She would have never ever been caught with nail polish, until she had Alzheimer’s. She insisted that the nurses paint her nails frequently, and she wore a beautiful necklace and ring! LOL!!  This must have been a wish she held in her heart from long ago! Hahaha! My mom’s unconditional love and value for people was instilled in my life from an early age. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there!

Our largest Fundraising event of the year, was our Fundraising Banquet on Friday eve. at Supply, in Manheim. This is the location of our second studio! It was a fabulous time, celebrating all that God has done at Cavod! The night was perfect…with beautiful people, exquisite food, and our talented students and Cavod performers bringing dance, music and worship to the stage… Tears came easily that night for me, as parents and students shared the impact that Cavod has had on their lives. The Lord’s presence was so tangible, as we gave Glory to God, and brought the arts back to their rightful place, our Creator!! The heartfelt stories and appreciation from our Cavod families, is what keeps me going!

We raised $48,000 that night, and $47,000 in sponsorships and ticket sales for the event, for a grand total of $96,000! Simply AMAZING!! We are short $19,000 from our goal, but its not over! God will provide!! A huge thank you to all of our sponsors, and friends who gave so generously! THANK YOU!

THANK YOU! We are so blessed!! If you did not have a chance to give, please CLICK HERE to help us reach our goal! Every gift small or large is so appreciated! May the Lord bless you richly!

Prayer – “Dear Lord, thank you for your abundant provision for this ministry, and for creating a beautiful family at Cavod, that impacts many in our community and beyond! You are so faithful! Lord, you are El-Shaddai – MORE THAN ENOUGH in this ministry and in our lives! You are the God of breakthrough! Thank you Lord, in Jesus Name, amen!

Have a great week my friends! It is so so good to see the sun today! There is always rain before a harvest! It’s “harvest time”!

Blessings and much love,

Connie Dienner

Executive Director

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