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Rooty – The Cavod Manheim Mascot!

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Hey there!! My name is “Rooty”, and I amRead More

Rooty's Mother, the Fig Leaf Mascot of Cavod's Main Campus Location

Piercing the Night – ORNATE Dance Theatre

Cavod News

Are you familiar with Ornate Dance Theatre? It isRead More

Poster for piercing the night by Ornate Dance Theatre

A Message with Meaning

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Inspiration for choreographing a piece can come from anywhere.Read More

A Good Place

cavod stories

Treva’s Testimony Treva – Mom: Well, what’s interesting isRead More

On the Move!

coffee with connie

I moved my office to a beautiful outdoor settingRead More

A Miracle

cavod stories

We know Cavod Performing Arts is more than justRead More


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