A Good Place

Treva’s Testimony

Treva – Mom: Well, what’s interesting is there are a lot of dance studios in our town, but I wanted a special dance studio. I’m looking for a place because my faith is so important to me. It took us many years to become parents. I believe that God was with my daughter before I had her. I want a consistent message for her to always know she’s valued, and that she’s lovely. That when she dances, or however God has designed her, we want to discover that. I wanted a place that believed as much as I did that she was created from God. I want it to be an experience that only affirms that she was designed with purpose. When I’m out there in the waiting room I don’t have to worry about what they’re teaching her, what they’re saying to her, and it’s covered with people who are like-minded. As a mom, there’s a real peace there. I feel like Cavod has just tapped into that because they’re not trying to be anything that’s just who they are, and that’s what I’m looking for. I’ve been really thrilled, I really do feel it’s an answer to prayer. It’s been a special journey hasn’t it?

Avery – Daughter: Mm-hmm.

Treva – Mom: And I love you, so I think this is a good place, right?

Avery – Daughter: Yeah!

Treva – Mom: Okay.

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