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Safety Procedures


Please thoroughly read our plan of action to limit the spread of Covid-19. We are so excited to continue opening our doors to the community this school year! We ask that you would comply to our new regulations in order to keep our student population and staff at low risk. Please know that as new information is released through Pennsylvania Department of Health and the CDC, our policies may change. Our promise to you is to remain transparent, educate our staff, inform you of any changes along the way, and put into place a plan of action to keep our facility safe and sanitized.

What to Expect

Upon arrival we ask that everyone 3yrs+ wear their mask into the building, promptly sanitize their hands, and socially distance while they wait for their class to begin. Wearing a mask into the building will mitigate the risk of exposure and will comply with the CDC guidelines. Before entering the classroom, a Cavod team member will use a no contact thermometer to take everyone’s temperature. If anyone has a temperature over 100.4 they will be asked to leave immediately. Once students enter the classroom they will be given the option to remove their mask while socially distancing. Teachers and staff will be required to wear masks. Students are encouraged to arrive wearing their uniform and warm ups. Class sizes will be limited in order to maintain distance. As classes dismiss students will be asked to sanitize their hands and put their masks on before leaving the studio. Masks are required in the halls, bathrooms, and Cafe. The water fountains will remain closed at this time. Water bottles are available for purchase at the Café, which will remain open while following guidelines.


Teachers and staff will be responsible for properly sanitizing between classes. All contact surfaces (barres, iPads, light switches, door knobs, etc.) will be wiped down with proper cleaning supplies. Bathrooms will be sanitized each hour. Every evening the floors in the hallways and studios will be sanitized. We have invested in HEPA air filtering units for each studio within the academy, which will keep air circulating and kill 99.97% of harmful germs.

Virtual Learning

If you are unable to attend class in person because of health reasons or are uncomfortable physically attending the class. Cavod is excited to offer virtual classes! How does it work? Each class offered at Cavod will coordinate with an access code connecting them to Zoom, which we will be using as our online learning platform. Every week online students can login to their classroom virtually and participate in class as if they were there in the studio. Each studio is being equipped with TV monitors so that teachers can better instruct you from home. Students who permanently opt for the virtual learning experience will not be eligible to participate at the end of year dance concert. Those who would like to participate will need to be physically present in the classroom after November 30th. However, if you or someone in your household is ill you can request permission to attend virtually until everyone is well.

General Information

If you or anyone in your household becomes symptomatic we ask that you would refrain from coming into Cavod. Please take the proper precautions and quarantine for the proper amount of days if you or someone you have had close encounters with has been diagnosed with Covid-19. In case of extreme circumstances Cavod is prepared to go online at any time. This way classes will continue as usual from the safety of your own home. Teachers are prepared to virtually instruct from the classroom. We plan to do all that we can to ensure the well-being of our students. We are so grateful for your support and commitment to the heart of Cavod. While we are taking extra precaution during this time Cavod remains excited to provide a place for our students to thrive. We hope you join us this next season as we create with purpose.



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