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Safety Procedures

Welcoming you back to our new normal!

Please thoroughly read our plan of action to limit the spread of Covid-19. We are so excited to open our doors to the community once again! We ask that you would comply to our new regulations in order to keep our student population and staff at low risk. Please know that as new information is released through Pennsylvania Department of Health and the CDC, our policies may change. Our promise to you is to remain transparent, educate our staff, inform you of any changes along the way, and put into place a plan of action to keep our facility safe and sanitized.

What to Expect

Upon arrival we ask that students that do not require assistance enter the building alone. They will be asked to wash their hands and socially distance while they wait for their class to begin. Please do not arrive any sooner than 10 mins before your class time. Masks are required when entering the building in order to comply with the CDC guidelines. Teachers will use a no contact thermometer to take everyone’s temperature at the start of class. Once cleared they will be given a green sticker. If anyone has a temperature over 100.4 they will be asked to leave immediately. Teachers and staff will be required to wear masks until further notice. Students will be required to arrive wearing their uniform and warm ups. They can change into their dance shoes in the lobby or in the studio as they socially distance. Class sizes will be limited in order to maintain distance. As classes dismiss students will be asked to wash their hands, collect their belongings, put their masks on, change into their street shoes, and exit the building. We ask that socialization in the halls before, between, or after classes be kept to a minimum. Bathroom access will also be limited. The water fountains will remain closed at this time. Please bring your own water bottle and make sure you can easily identify it.

Sanitation Station

Teachers and staff will be responsible for properly sanitizing between classes. All contact surfaces (barres, iPads, light switches, door knobs, etc.) will be wiped down with proper cleaning supplies. Bathrooms and cubbies will also be sanitized each hour. Every evening the floors in the hallways and studios will be sanitized. We have invested in HEPA air filtering units for each space within the academy, which will keep air circulating and kill 99.97% of harmful germs. We plan to leave studio doors open to encourage additional air flow when seen fit.

Staff Information

Meetings will remain virtual until further notice or socially distanced. Breaks in the café or teacher lounge will be staggered in order to limit close contact. Teachers will be responsible for cleaning the floors in the studios at the end of the night in addition to regular shut down policies. Front desk managers will be responsible for cleaning the hallway floors and properly sanitizing surfaces outside the studios. Everyone will be asked to monitor their own health and notify Amy or Becky if they become symptomatic. Teachers, we ask that if you have a personal device to play music from and take role, to bring it and refrain from using the studio iPads. This way we limit one communal surface.

General Information

If you or anyone in your household becomes symptomatic we ask that you would refrain from coming into Cavod. Please take the proper precautions and quarantine for the proper amount of days if you or someone you have had close encounters with is diagnosed. In case of a resurgence or a confirmed case within our staff or student body, Cavod is prepared to go online at any time. This way classes will continue as usual from the safety of your own home. We know these are unprecedented times and things are ever changing. With that being said, we rely on our Heavenly Father to give us wisdom, confidence, and to proceed without fear. 


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