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Birthday fun & a New Year!

coffee with connie

It is currently 70 degrees, and I am soakingRead More

Connie's birthday pina colada on the beach | Coffee With Connie | Cavod Dance Theatre

Hot Tub Heaven!

coffee with connie

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  2023 is here!  Vacation is over,Read More

Hot tub heaven christmas ornament

Family, Bells & Wonder! | Cavod’s Christmas show, “Wonder”

Cavod Theatre

This year our family managed to be at Cavod’sRead More

Enjoy the moment!

coffee with connie

My heart was bursting with joy, as our kids,Read More

Kite strings are important :)

coffee with connie

This weekend was no different than any other day,Read More

Wait… my soul!

coffee with connie

Homeschooling, cooking, running grandkids to dance and football wasRead More


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