What is Cavod?

The Meaning of our Name

Cavod, pronounced kah-vohd, is a Hebrew term, defined as God’s glory, honor, majesty, and His visible splendor! Our goal is to bring the arts back to the Creator, our God; and in all that we do at the Academy we desire to make His creativity visible, and to share His glory, honor, majesty and splendor all over the world through the arts!

A Safe Haven for Learning

We are pleased to be able to provide our students with a safe haven for their learning experiences. Our Academy strives to be free from sensual and provocative influences and our choreography and costumes are modest in nature. We carefully screen all music for offensive language, ideas and undertones and we ensure that all of our themes carry a positive life-affirming message. We believe that you will find Cavod Academy of the Arts to be a morally suitable environment for all members of your family!

Touching the Community

For art to be enjoyed to the fullest, it must be shared with others. Therefore, we seek to provide students with the opportunity to share their artistic talent through a variety of venues within their local community. Performances are held at such places as schools, churches, parks, parades and fund-raising events. These performances are not only fun for our students but they also help to raise the awareness of the importance of art in our society.

Impacting the Nations

Art is a powerful tool and when used appropriately it has the potential to positively impact the world. Therefore, we are dedicated to sending teams into various nations to raise up leaders who will carry out the vision and mission of Cavod Academy of the Arts within their communities.

Partnering With Businesses

We believe that there is strength and power in partnering with others who also have a vision to see communities changed through the use of the performing arts. As a non-profit organization we seek to connect with individuals, organizations, foundations and corporations who desire to make a difference in the world through this powerful medium. There are opportunities for giving through annual pledges, individual sponsorships, scholarships, one-time giving, special project grants, playbill sponsors, and funding for the dance company.

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