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Pre- Teen Worship Dance

  • Beginner
  • 9-12 yrs
  • Dance
  • Worship Dance

Worship dance embraces the gift of dance solely for praising the God that created us. This class gives dancers the opportunity to turn off everyday life and enter into a time of prayer and worshiping Jesus through movement. Dancers will pray together, explore expressive dance improvisation to Christian music, and may partake in a short Bible study that leads into creative group, partner, and solo assignments inspired by Bible passages, worship song lyrics, and prayer. It is our desire to glorify and give back to God the gift of dance that He has given us!

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Dress Code

GIRLS: Any solid color leotard, wide-strap solid color tank top, or solid color fitted or Cavod shirt with black leggings

BOYS: Cavod shirt or any solid color, plain shirt with black dance pants or black athletic shorts

Bare foot


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The purpose of worship dance varies depending on the specific religious or spiritual beliefs of the community practicing it. However, in general, the purpose of worship dance is to enhance the worship experience, deepen the connection to the divine, express devotion and praise, and convey spiritual or biblical narratives through movement and choreography. It can also serve as a form of prayer, meditation, or celebration within the worship setting. View All Worship Dance Classes at CAVOD
Worship dance is often open to individuals of all ages and genders. It may involve children, teenagers, adults, or even entire congregations coming together to perform. The level of skill or experience required can vary depending on the specific community or dance group. View All Worship Dance Classes at CAVOD
At Cavod, there are specific forms of dress that we utilize for worship dance: Options for girls:
  • Any solid color leotard and black leggings OR longer length (at least mid-thigh) black biker shorts
  • A solid color, plain t-shirt or Cavod shirt over the leotard is acceptable
  • Hair pulled back neatly and securely in ponytail
Options for boys:
  • Cavod shirt or any solid color, plain shirt with black dance pants or black athletic shorts with compression shorts
All: Bare foot! View All Worship Dance Classes at CAVOD
We offer classes in New Holland, PA and Manheim, PA! There are different schedules for each location, click here view all of our classes. View more info about our locations here.


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