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Jazz 2 class is an intermediate jazz class for students who understand elements such as counting, timing, directional changing, spotting, body alignment, contractions, and isolations. Students will learn more difficult jumps and turns such as ring leaps, double pirouettes, and turn combinations. During class, students will also work on intermediate jazz combinations, core strengthening, and stretching.

**Students are required to have a current enrollment in a ballet class.

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Jazz is an upbeat and physically demanding type of dance that has a dynamic style. Dance studies for the class include musical awareness, conditioning, theatrics, turns, and leaps. Students that devote themselves to these studies will learn to move with grace while maintaining good posture. In this class, dancers work from their core in order to achieve maximum ability, so conditioning for dancers is very important.    
Cavod offers several classes for various skill levels and age ranges:
Cavod offers classes for ages 5 to adult and the skill level required for the classes can range from beginner to advanced.   Click Here To Register For A Jazz Dance Class At Cavod Today
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