Meet the Theatre’s Executive Team

Connie Dienner

Executive Director

“It was years ago in high school that I developed a love for acting. I had a wonderful coach and teacher that believed in me. I was given a chance to be in plays and musicals, and had a couple of lead roles. I started believing in myself and realized that I had a gift that was valuable. From that moment on I was ‘addicted’. Since high school, I have acted in and directed many dramas and musicals. I love watching students develop their talents and then come alive on stage. Being a part of a cast, working together, and becoming family to produce a show is life changing.”

Cordell Huyard

Creative Director of Theatre

Cordell is extremely excited for the opportunity he has been given at Cavod Academy of the Arts. Cordell has been a part of the Cavod community since he was seven years old. He believes that Cavod played a huge role in molding the man he is today. The culture of Cavod has helped teach him to live a lifestyle of worship, acceptance, and freedom. Cordell has always had a passion for the arts, storytelling, creative expression, and people, whether it be on the mission field, filmmaking, acting in both community and professional theaters, or writing and directing. For these reasons and many others, Cordell’s goal is that under his leadership Cavod Theatre will continue to impact people the way it has impacted him and to an even greater level. Cordell is highly optimistic about the future of Cavod Theatre and is looking forward to working alongside the community to raise the standard in Godly artistic expression. Cordell is newly married to his beautiful wife Savannah, who is an instructor at Cavod.


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