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Jenny Glenn

Jenny Glenn

Tumbling, Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern/Contemporary, Jazz

Jenny Glenn, instructor for Tumbling, Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern/Contemporary, Jazz classes at Cavod

Jenny is originally from Wilmington, DE and majored in dance at Cab Calloway Performing Arts School. Upon graduation she went to the University of Delaware with a major in Health and Behavior Science and a minor in dance. She was also an NFL cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles for 4 years.  Jenny has facilitated an Adaptive Dance Fitness program and has worked as a Special Education Elementary Teacher. She has traveled with YWAM to Hawaii, Cameroon, and South Korea, is a part of Diffusion Dance Company, and hopes to start her own cheer and dance ministry through her business, Revive. Jenny hopes to show her students the love of Jesus and celebrate their accomplishments along the way.


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