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Inactive2016 Spring Dance Concert & Gymnastics Showcase


2016 Spring Dance Concert Poster Image

Cavod Academy presents 2016 Spring Dance Concert & Gymnastics Showcase

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The Spring Dance Concert features performances by Cavod’s dance department of all ages and levels. From tiny tots in lion themed tutus, jazz dancers “walking like an Egyptian”, to advanced athletic dancers gracefully flying across the stage like birds, the audience is sure to be impressed! The two-hour family-friendly show will leave audience members tappin’ their feet, singin’ old favorites and droppin’ their jaws over these skilled performers. Cavod will also be holding a gymnastics showcase the same weekend, students from ages two to twenty will cartwheel or back-handspring through the air. Cavod’s shows truly are unique to the performing arts world; all music choices are clean, fun and inspiring, and all costumes are quality but modest. Families will have the opportunity to see a show of choreography that is tasteful, creative, and age appropriate.

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