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Alice In Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Auditions

Please note that registration is only open to students actively enrolled in Cavod Academy’s Acting classes.

Hello, Acting Classes!

So it’s that time of year- time to start preparing for our spring show! As many of you know, this year we will be doing Disney’s Alice In Wonderland, Jr. It is a fun show with many stand-out parts that teaches everyone that the best person they can be is themselves! Please read the following very carefully, as it is very important and may be a little difficult to understand at first.


Starting February 29, we will no longer be having standard acting classes, divided by grade and age group. At this point we will be switching to a rehearsal schedule. Each student will still be in class at least two hours each week, however we are combining and shuffling the classes in order to make 2 classes each week. There will be a Monday night class and a Thursday night class- each of these classes will be 2 hours, and students will be in one or the other (not both). This extra class time is at no extra cost to you! You get an hour free.

We are looking to have class 5:30-7:30, but this is not set in stone and will depend on the results of registration. We ask for your entire availability for the evening because of tech week and in case we occasionally need to call you for a costume fitting or extended rehearsal.


So, like last year, we will be performing the show twice- each time with a completely different cast. The Monday night rehearsal will be one cast, the Thursday night rehearsal will be the other cast.

Because we are doing two casts, we will be doing two separate weekends (again, like last year). The show dates are as follows:

  • May 13-15 (tech week May 9-12)
  • May 20-22 (tech week May 16-19)

We have not yet decided which rehearsal night will correspond to which performance. This will be based on the availability of the overall student body and how we can make it all work.


In addition to one class per week, we will be having a few Saturday rehearsals. There should only be a couple of these and they will be later in the rehearsal process.

What We Need From You

In the registration form you will find basic information, then fields for detailed availability. Please make sure you fill out the form in its entirety, as we will be using these registrations for rehearsal scheduling and casting.

THE DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST. If we do not receive your registration by this time, we will have to follow up individually. Please spare us the hours of work and just register now 😉


We will be holding auditions during regular class times on Monday, February 22 and Thursday, February 25. These auditions are just for part placement- every student is already in the show! If you are unable to be in class this week, please contact us and we will schedule your audition with another class. What to prepare:

  • 30-60 second monologue
  • 30-60 second song (accompanist provided. CD/iPod may be used if there are no vocals on the track. A cappella is not permitted)
  • Headshot and Resume- this is super important. Our preference is 8×10, but even a 5×7 or wallet will be good and it doesn’t have to be professional- it can be any picture of you. The resume should have at least your name on it, and any previous show experience. These should be stapled back to back. Because auditions are spread across two days, we really need everyone to have a picture of their face!

You can use the pieces you prepared this fall, or you can bring something new. You can do something from the show or you can do something from your favorite show. We are not picky, just as long as we can see your personality and talent!

Thank you all for your participation and enthusiasm- we are looking forward to a great show!

-Your Illustrious Director, Meredith & her Spectacular Assistant, Preston


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