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Modern C Ages 10 yrs & up

Intermediate skill level / Dance / Modern

Modern C is an intermediate class building off of previous modern technique. Modern technique takes the foundations of ballet, but adds freedom of movement and expression. Class includes learning how to initiate movement through the breath and use of the spine; contract/release, twists, and tilts. Class warm-up will work through understanding parallel vs. turn-out position, core initiation, use of the floor, and flexibility and strength building with yoga and Pilates influences. Center warm-up and across the floor will consist of runs, jumps, turns, swinging movements, and building on beginner floor work such as learning how to safely fall, roll, slide, and do inversions. Class will take pedestrian movement like running and jumping to create more intricate dance movement. Students will learn improvisational techniques, musical timing, and how to use the body to portray emotion. Throughout the year, they will learn modern combinations.

*Students are required to have one  year of ballet experience and current enrollment in a ballet class.

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