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What is Kinder Acro?

Kinder Acro is for children ages 3-5 years old and focuses on learning basic gymnastic skills such as forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, and handstands. Students will build strength, balance, and flexibility while learning basic gymnastics terminology. Students will be climbing, rolling, and jumping their way through obstacle courses and playing fun physical games that incorporate the skills they are learning in class.

*Students in all acro levels will not be limited to the skills in the descriptions above. Students will be encouraged to strive for progress, as well as challenged to try new skills in each class.

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amy horst
12:01 05 Apr 24
I am so happy to have found Cavod, a place I can trust with the amazing gift of dance as worship and expression of who God made each one to be! Huge thanks to Connie and all the Cavod teachers for being steadfast leaders of the kids and adults in our community who step out and vulnerably to try something new. I’m 51 years old and I decided to try a dance class for the first time: worship dance. My daughter is 18 and she started various dance classes at Cavod when she was 16. Thank you Cavod for welcoming every age group. Thank you for caring about skills and hearts /lives of each dancer.
bishow chandra shrestha
22:59 20 Mar 24
I have my two kids go here for their Piano lesson. Kids love it and Morgan is the great piano teacher.
Ashley Brown
22:23 20 Mar 24
CAVOD has been an incredible addition to the town of Manheim. We love how these classes not only inspire our kids to move physically and use their God given talents and gifts as Dancers, musicians and actors but also speak to their hearts and spirits as well as unique chilldren of God. All the teachers are highly qualified and trained in their specialties and every staff member/volunteer is friendly and helpful to assist. The facility is clean and bright with high quality technology and a comfortable cafe to wait for your children during class.
Renee M
17:16 02 Mar 24
All my children attend Cavod for dance and music lessons. We have been a Cavod family for 11 years. Our family thinks of Cavod as their second home. We love the Christian environment and it brings us comfort in knowing our children are safe and the music, costumes and choreography is tasteful. Our children feel loved, encouraged, inspired and supported by their instructors. Cavod has a playroom for younger children while siblings are in classes. They also have a great cafe area where the students are often found doing school work and socializing with friends. The parents too also can gather and socialize while their children are in classes. I love how Cavod has created a safe place where their students can express their God given talents and feel loved.
Victoria Canull
14:17 29 Feb 24
My kids have gone to Cavod for almost 4 years and it has been a wonderful fit for our family. My daughter wanted to dance but I had concerns about what kind of environment she would be in. Cavod is a warm and welcoming place where kids are safe and encouraged to be themselves. We have found a place to grow as Christ followers and made lifelong friendships.
Paula Sauder
01:18 28 Feb 24
Cavod's teachers are top quality; well educated and experienced in their respective genres. Cavod offers several adult classes. I take 2; Tap and ballet and the teachers are phenomenal and in my case, very understanding with my limitations. I came to Cavod after years of being in a studio I was very involved with and then closed. Cavod has everything that we dreamed about having in the former studio; an ideal location, ample parking, a cafe, and a playroom for non-dancing children.
Dawn Haines
02:56 27 Feb 24
We LOVE Cavod! 5 of our children are taking classes at Cavod. We are incredibly thankful that they are all on scholarship. The four girls are in the Friends in Motion classes. They enjoy participating with other children who have special needs. The teachers are caring and make the classes fun! Our children have also enjoyed several of the summer camps, ballet, acting class, musical theater, vocal ensemble and piano. The Christ centered culture at Cavod has the kids as well us as parents looking forward to Monday and Thursday evenings. Thank you Cavod!
Brian & Lindsay Funk
14:07 19 Feb 24
Cavod has been a great blessing to our children. The staff and teachers are excellent and caring. Highly recommend for budding artists and creatives!
Bobby Bollin
01:31 02 Mar 23
We've been coming for at least 5 years very nice place with a PLAY ROOM for kids not taking classes
Jennifer Stoltzfoos
14:15 18 Oct 22
All 6 of my children have attended Cavod for many years. The values Cavod carries is valued by my family. Truly a hidden gem. Their technique in all the classes will not disappoint a growing dancer. Wouldn't choose another studio to call family.
Ke Chego
21:15 24 Sep 22
Wonderful place! My kids love their teachers, and we love their commitment to honoring the Lord through artistic excellence.
Laura Swartley
21:51 24 Oct 20
Amazing place! Great dance and performing arts studio. Good quality education in the performing arts. The teachers are wonderful and other students are very friendly. They offer classes for both kids and adults. I believe this studio will continue to expand and grow even more in the coming years.
Willow Glitter
12:49 01 Oct 20
Cavod is an absolutely amazing dance and performing arts organization. They truly care about the children they teach. My daughter has been attending for almost 4 years and it’s amazing to see her grow and blossom.
Margie Mckennett
02:35 04 May 19
Such fun! Always enjoy watching these talented kids perform😄
Jennifer Junto Houck
02:23 17 Nov 18
My daughter is in her 6th year at Cavod and she has blossomed into a beautiful young women. Cavod has become her happy place and she has made lifelong friends here. She has grown not only technically but spiritually as well. She found her thing and a place to call home! When we moved to Lancaster and she had to switch schools I promised her no matter how far we moved I would never take Cavod away. And now my stepdaughter is enjoying it as well. Thank you for giving me a safe place to teach my children everything from dance to acting to loving and accepting others! And that they are special because of whose they are!
Jessica Keith
22:28 14 Mar 18
We love Cavod! Our daughter’s current dance teacher does a great job making ballet fun for very young kids and we love that she shares Jesus’ love for the girls during class �
Kathy Schell
00:56 14 Mar 18
Cavod is a great place to encourage your child's artistic side in a safe, friendly, encouraging, and God honoring way.
I think Cavod is a great place for kids to plug in and get involved in activities that they can open up and express themselves.
Wouldn't want my children any place else. Wonderful atmosphere filled with instructors living by Godly principal. Portraying Godly character.
Kevin Boll
03:12 20 Feb 16
Congrats on a great Show tonight! My kids and I had an excellent time, and laughed the whole way through! You know... I think that may have been just what i needed to restart my career! 20 years ago I sang Shipoopie In a highschool musical... and i just may want to do it again! Keep me in mind!
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Acrobatic Arts, also commonly known as acro, is a style of dance that combines acrobatic and gymnastic elements with dance technique. It is known for its athleticism and seamless blend of dance and acrobatic skills.
All acro classes aim to prepare students to advance through conditioning exercises, such as push-ups and core exercises, and placing value on proper form and execution.
Select a class that suits you, or contact us directly!
Acro classes 1-3 and Junior Acro are taught by our certified acrobatics arts instructor, Shenandoah Hall. Students will be introduced to the basic principles of acrobatics and gymnastics, including balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, and control. Students learn proper technique for forwards rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, front and back-handsprings, walkovers, handstands, and aerials.
We offer classes in New Holland, PA and Manheim, PA! There are different schedules for each location, click here view all of our classes. View more info about our locations here.


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